Common uses for this product include but are not limited to:
Road Beds, Base Course for Driveways & Parking Areas. Crushed asphalt roadbase resists washing and rutting more so than it's counter part. It is ideal for driveways, high traffic roadways, and as a foundation for asphalt/concrete mats.

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WYDOT Grading W Crushed Asphalt Roadbase

section 703.064

% Passing, by Mass
WYDOT Dave's Asphalt
50mm/2in. - -
37.5mm/1.5in. 100 100
25mm/1in. 90-100 100
19mm/0.75in. - 92
12.5mm/0.5in. 60-85 67
4.75mm/#4 45-65 45
2.36mm/#30 33-53 38
75Ám/#200 3-12 7